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Storytelling using Augmented Reality
The HYPEBOX® is a transparent display solution which enables the user to see real products and at the same time interact with digital content on the touchscreen.

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Engage With Your Audience

Create new ways to interact and connect with your customer thanks to the HYPEBOX®. Your audience explores your products & services in an interactive way.


Made For Retail Stores

  • The modern way of product presentation
  • Easy to use by your staff on a daily basis
  • Eco-friendly! Low operating costs & low energy consumption
  • Theft-proof - the products are locked inside


Increase Sales & Awareness

Give your customers the right tool to learn all the benefits of your product and ease their way to the shop counter!


Increase in sales


Brand Interaction

All Products At A Glance

Choose a suitable model for your type of installation.

21.5" / 32" / 43" / 49" / 55" / 86"


  • Portable & Light-Weight
  • Sizes from Small to Extra-Large
  • Placed on a shelf or table
  • In Stores, Events and Museums



  • Self-Supported Display Stele
  • Minimalistic & Lockable Housing
  • Extra room for PC & Loudspeakers
  • Full-glass touchscreen front
  • In Stores, Trade Shows, Showrooms, Malls and Museums



  • Front-opening mechanism
  • For permanent wall integration
  • Easily change products from the front
  • Full-glass touchscreen front
  • In Stores, Showrooms and Museums

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Stop blending in the crowd and start leaving your mark in your customers minds.